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A nice game :)

very good game

I can't do level 9, 1 mistake and you are an atom


me: plays game 

My device : *crashes* 

Me: I’m gonna pretend that never happened 

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the game wont even load for me



thats how your supposed to win that level lol

only 4 clones but yeah

I found bug in game lol.

thats not a bug



all of these levels are great and dont make me want to die! and dont say level 2, or level 8, or level 9,  or level 10, or level 14, or level 16


this level literally crashed my game


this level crashed my laptop


YES 1 shot



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my game won't start anymore XD


loli made it dont care I'LL BEAT IT MY OWN WAY 2X BIG BABY


Best broken Game Ever! :D

Dosnt Start!


i did it bois  TOWER OF PIZA

that was so close

level nine worked for me

good, but it req luck

Level 9 is the bane of my existence

It  crashed the game

Level 15 = Pure Chaos


Best broken Game Ever! :D


Absolutely amazing! To be honest i want to try and recreate this in unreal engine! Nice job!

very unique keep it up sam!

Me at levels 2, 8, 9, 10, 14, and 16: *Hacks*

                                                                                               *Rages myself to Grave*

omg this is so rage enducing, I should ask markiplier if he has played this lol


this game is so clever ! it almost broke my pc at level 15


i broke mine at level 9


the game IS broken it no load for me




same chain

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level 9 is IMPOSSIBLE



I completed it so... you just need to work smarter not harder lol

One of the easiest 


its posable just hatd because you need a clone 2x smaller then the player to fit in the gap, but a clone 2x smaller can't make the jumps to get to the gap


sam, level 15 is broken beyond broken


It's impossible on mobile I got stuck at the 8th level

What a great concept for a game!! Level 16 was super hard but I finally beat them all! On 16 I stack 3 cubes from left to right, then put a normal gravity block on top of them, then took a left gravity block to jump on that then jump to the top far right for the win :).

on level 16 i just got a big left gravity cube and a small left gravity cube, stacked the small one on the big one, and used the big to launch the small

I broke it too

My Game lags to it's Grave


game wont load

Hey! Sam Hogan! you still alive in there???

Nah, He's probably waiting for the 2022 GMTK Game Jam

i think so

he made a game inside a game inside a game inside a game inside a game inside a gam


i broke it

Good Job!!

thanks :D

how did u break it with 1 shot

i somehow threw it perfectly

You throw the Sierpiński Carpet at the World Copy Above you, oh yeah, and That's how you Beat the level btw

u know thats what ur supposed to do anyway

it lagged so bad i had to force quit my browser



oh very sad dont do next time

or i will tell to your mom

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