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Add it to the Amazon appstore  please. 

can you please make a mac version D: my parents dont support gaming so i don't have a pc but i still want to play

plz launch a imac version i really wanna play this on pc

nice and hard

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flat boi

(actaully a glitch)

Edit: still a 360 glitch

I can't change difficulties on PC!? Is that a glitch? 

No. Difficulties are either wip or PC is forced onto hard mode.


i cant even play it i try to download but when i try to play it  it did not work  i try again but still dont work


Can you make it so you can choose difficulties on PC?

i like "HARD GAMES


update it please i beg you

plz Mac plz make mac 

how do i PLAY!?!?!?

when i download it i cant play


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I wanna download it but it has an error EVERYTIME I TRY ;(

i love sams vids and this is a good rage game to me AAA-


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Btw imma fan of u I like ur games and vids ;w; but just plz update the mobile version to windows plz thank u

The update wont fit in my PC plz fix it :

how do I run this on linux

extract it into a directory, make the executable executable, then run it



Linux is free, just run the game from a live USB/Disc or dual-boot.

a lil hard for me to do that


More Information Tags 

2D,Difficult,Physics,Relaxing... THIS GAME IS NOT RELAXING BRO


Me before playing: How hard can it be?

Me after playing: I WANNA DIE

Can you make a Mac version of this game.

Yeah can you do that


can you make skins and settings and stuff on pc as well please?


i agree



please make the arrow is to hard.

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because this game were meant to be hard

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Ahem... look at creators channel.







why do mobile players get settings and we don't 

because mobile is harder, not to me.


I just downloaded the Windows 10 version. When I clicked the play button, I was welcomed by a completely black blob and invisible platforms. PLEASE FIX


try reinstalling the game, can you reply with your system details?

Oh god-


has it been up daited


i can't play it


im probablly stupid but how do i pause on windows 10 edition

Back arrow, upper left


well im going to break my pc lol

I can't download this it keeps saying forbidden welp ;-; [also the enemy cells too don't work]


The Windows version on Windows 7 64-bit doesn't work at all.

After pressing the "Play" button, the screen just becomes black with an exit button.

Do I need to upgrade to Windows 10 or there is a fix?

As of the ending of support of win 7 most applications will not work



Linux version doesn't have any of the fancy stuff,also the arrow moves too fast to correctly click where u want


that is the point

this is the hardest game ever (probably), slowing the arrow down will make it easy

I like this game, But worse then Grey-Box Testing. 9/10

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Heyo. On the Linux version, the menu loads fine but the actual game is just a blue screen with the exit arrow on the top left.

It might be because my CPU is old and doesn't support Vulkan. I'll have to try it on my more capable desktop.

Edit: Wanted to check in and say that the Linux version works just fine on modern hardware! Thank you so much for supporting us! Also, this game makes me want to run headfirst into a concrete wall. You did an amazing job!

when I press play, I am met with full sfx, but no visuals. is there a way to fix this


that did to me to


How do I play the game? I downloaded the files (on Windows) and don't know how to run the game.


just run "stick with it.exe", double click on it, but first, unzip the folder and then it will work


I'm dumb and when I click "download" it just downloads a file and I don't know how to get it playable on my desktop.


Hi there! Are you on Windows or Linux?

if you are in windows, install an extractor program, then extract the files. now, theres a file "stick with it.exe", just run it.

i think so :/

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