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i want download in mac

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can you put the game on Mac please?

Can you please put it on all  electonics sorry idk how to spell that word

I can't download my google play store says it keeps stopping on chromebook :(

Also i want to know how to make games on chrome os

Im a subscriber


Can you make a Mac version?

if i play it on windows 7 it crashes

i mean thicc

phew no thik on this cha

Does it mean that I finished the game?


stick with the stick

pls make it on imac plsssssssss

make it on cromebook plz


Can you make it for chrombook computers?



pls do it sam

download it on play store its for Chromebook

yes lmao


Can you make a Mac version?






I am the Cat Kingdom leader and I request an ally ship lette

no -_-

bad dog

i am ferret leader and i ask for alliance

hullo my name is blooby

plz pu the update thats on iphone on pc

im a blob

hard game _______ ee


for some reason i cant play this i have linux it downloaded but it just wont work

install the launcher and then download this from there

oh thx


I made a fan game sam

Can you make a web demo version, I saw the video about the game on youtube and I really want to play it, but, I don't have any of the supporting devices, I have a chromebook with linux tools disabled and I can't enable them


You can get the game on android and ios as well


Or he could get a real computer.

i got so far then i fell to bottom LOL GOD WHY (sob sob ) WHY

oh god plese no

This Isn't Hard It's Very Easy.If You Add Spikes And Obstacles It's Hard.

nope i don't think so

I cant play it. it just deletes it when i try to open it! Please help. (i found a bug with the teeny guy on mobile XD) PLEASE HELP I DON'T KNOW HOW TO FIX ANY OF THIS!


This is not funny


Got the mobile version, and I suck at (lol). But it's a great game, and your YouTube channel is interesting as well. Keep up the good work!

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The linux version doesn't work on my computer. When you click play there is sound, I think the game runs, but it doesnt show it to us. The screen is blank.

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I'm have linux and work, i'm can you help.  Maybe you haven't add persion to run. 

launch terminal in game location
chmod +x stick_with_it_linux_0_1_2.x86_64


If you run with this command you see logs 

if you have different architecture than x86_64 is not work. x86_64 is a normal 64 bit pc arch. In laptop or normal processor ex.: i3-6006u, AMD Ryzen 3600x this arch, if on you computer work can work steam and CS:GO this not arch problem. And what you have distro?


Nice english

what is the music to this game?

Sam Hogan you are a genius



yeah but my ativirus said not to download this :(


Don't worry it is entirely safe


make a mac version

Ah, I Love STICK WITH IT!!!!  I made a fan game would you like to play it :( please

No Problem!

thx I made a fan game can you please visit the page and play it i made it just for you.....

Hey sam hogan can you make the mobile version on pc

Forgot to post a review after trying out the update because I am a forgetful idiot.  Anyhow I personally think the update for the mobile version makes the game a lot more enjoyable! I've made a couple video's on this game now and this is the first time I've played the game and didn't explode out of anger in the end! :D

The normal difficulty mode is perfect for people like me who love a challenge, but don't want to actually die whilst trying. Now I can finally play this game without my girlfriend telling me not to because it's "unhealthy and very bad for my sanity"! :D

i sarted of with my character in a wall and couldn't move?!

mobile version for pc


my pc was saved by closing this game never ever seen a game like this

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