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uhh, this is good, but one thing u can add is power ups, like one where if u get it you can speed through one forth of a level without dying for 20 seconds

You want another video?



This is what you want if it's hard

This is hard

i downloaded it but it wont let me play it

me to

guys can you play on chrome



how do you play it once you downloaded it

have you tried to open the game ??? :)

slim go falling no!


how to open as game


you have to download it, and then run the .exe file.



Never makes more games today now even right now!

he tweeted that he isn't intrested in game dev 

HOL UP he quit?

yes, sadly.

hardest game eeeeeeeeeever

Yup! its a rage game!

Thinknoodles was her


this game ruined my life (5 stars)


(1 edit) (+1)

ooo thanks for som skins i play this game for unlocking skins SKINS!!!!!!😡😡(thanks

😠😠😠can't download it!!!!

bruh there are two download buttons...

rage game

fun awesome game

when i open it its just a blue screen

Yup! A game bug.a boring blue screen🔵🔘

No fix it! Pls fix it!!!

i like the game even its hard its cool


this game fucking sucks.

too buggy.

too hard.

bad design. (visual)

fuck sam hogan.

Dude shut the fuck up thats why your still single thats why your dad is like magic.... because he went poof when you were born.


broo... this guy don know what he sayin the game was designed to be hard you needa think before you insult the creator after rage quiting. we all know you just needa control ur temper

I was trying to make a Hmtl_5 game but i saw errors!

How dumb!

"too hard" xD, you kill me dude, amazing review~

Thats why you dont have a life

skill issue

Don't say that!👎


it was made to be a rage game and also it was made in a week and fuck u


and yes, it is a cool project

hardest game!

Unity unablld


unity games crashes on my pc i have a linux

Well did you use the linux version-

duh yeah? i wouldn´t have installed it if it wasn´t for linux

He made it a mobile version!


I her fireworks!

Dont make sense!

yeah i mean every time i start a linux version of a unity game (no matter which low-high end games) it crashes.


Enough pain!


what do you mean by sticky

i mean the character is blob

My tablet does this stupid thing:

When i go to a stick with it game on scratch it brings me to home!

-__- it sticks to the walls

 what a sticky game you made, i like it

Du!!stick with it on lagged is sticky run!

hi ham, oops i meant sam


Im mad because u played it!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Tried to delete my saves. Game does not allow me to. 10/10. Would stick to walls again👍

I played this on mobile yesterday


And this

Its not bad!

I found it

i played it oops

(2 edits)

New part of Sams team!

it did not work

Game bug!

look at it bro's

I like the game

I saw your video

Its cool

game play

I'm gonna watch it!

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