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I raged after the 3rd wall





my computer is doing this stupid thing where it deletes any game download from itch as soon as it finishes downloading


what browser/os are you using?


really awesome game sir

i have also made one  game

check it out please sir and please tell me that were i can improve my game

one more game

me be like: rip


well i like the game though its good

what da hell


youre the mest

I LIKE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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me when play dis


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This made me rage so much...

 If anyone wants to see me play this game and rage my ass off feel free to check it out (im only 14 though :))

somehow i got the oldest version



make browser

make a browser version

the hecking download button wont download

please make a mac version

i think you can install iOS apps on M1 macs


i can't play the game, all its doing for me is giving me the files for the game

Extract the game

i know this is late, but thanks!


pls Mac

go onto the app store it might be on there

i think the 1st time i downloaded this i installed the may 2020 version, which is not what i wanted

idk why it installed v5-2020


no wait i actually got 1.2

this game is super fun

Mac Version?

Can you make this playeble online?

this game stuck

this game makes me stuck

This a fun little game to test your patience or if you just want to get yourself mad. Not mad with negativity, but anger that just makes you laugh like "wtf" if you know what I mean. Here's my gameplay of it

does it work for windows



this is to hard



Why do we not have access to normal mode on Windows?

"mission failed i'll win next time" ~me 2021
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Doesn't work for Ubuntu. The camera got stuck in the sky.


thats a glitch

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Me 2 seconds before I failed a jump: I love this game I could play it all day long.

Me 2 seconds after: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Why, why the pain, the horror. I hate this game and I would not paly it all day long.

But good game:) 

Found a Bug-sometimes when u click checkpoint qt the point u die it shows pause menu screen and until i get game closed it dont stop showing

if you are near the check point, just kill your self, then wait 1 second, press checkpoint and it will dissapear

yeh sammy is not reading this

any updated version


Spoiler: He will never read the comments, so begging for updates here will do nothing


why do i need winzip


yea boi i like it bro

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same but how do i use easy mode?

Mobile exclusive, sorry

he should add easy mode for PC too...

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its only a file who i opend exactly everything in 

In the zip is the .exe file. If you unzip it, you can open it

If youre on linux I have no fucking idea

what if you are on mac ;-;

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