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make free to play on browser

Umm can this be for Mac?


hi sam





plez make crome






I made a mistake...

please make a mac version

It doesn't crash but it takes 60 seconds to do anything each frame (probably because 2gb ram)

and it crashes

it dosen't lode

cann you add the pigs in cursed images which are round

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it crashes for me :(

try to scan the file and check for viruses and malware or else redownload


i made 

a dirt hut part 2


i made a dirt hut




it doesn't let me install it


Me too


its for windows




how small does this get



it crashes and this is windows then mh

how do u play it


wow cool game I lll love it




bro u got the same name as me irl

yeah u have name like me too


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hah man you got him hard right there

linux version

Can you make a mobile version i would like to play it

Why would you play this

why would you at phone

it would lag way too much

Great Demo! Building a dirt hut is harder than in minecraft and the lack of bedrock really surprised be when falling out of the world, but this is a lot of fun! 

I wonder what some people will create with tools which aren't constricted that much to a grid. It's almost like a first person sculpting tool.


every time i tried to generate i crashed.

Me to

me too game every time crashed erorring

;O epic

your old he broke the laws of physics

I immediately managed to clip through terrain by stacking up from a mountain :D but nice tech demo and nice video

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I found 24 diamond in the same place, is that normal here?

Forgot about it I just found 34 in the same place

Show post...

I Cant play kept crashing on my windows 10

cant play


use windows 10 is better

i cant download it!

First time playing!

my laptop cant handle this game i legit cant play but I know its amazing

this game exists to spite god! keep up the good work!

if i play this game i fil i play minecraft in 3 chunk

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Run's great on my RTX2080 Ti XD lol. This is truly amazing, I'm going to have to try and figure out how to do this. I loved how those 2 games had the terrain manipulation setup like you did here, it turned out great. Too bad it's not open source, that would be pretty cool to see how you did it.


optimization is dead and we have killed it lmfao, gpu maxes 100% and crashed within 5 minutes which seems to be a high time before it crashes

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