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how do i download

im using a internet called vibe

please share project files this is gonna speed up my game development by a lot. Termisher#0536 if you dont want to post it publicly

about my game and early ac




I think I made a mistake 

cant even download the game, and by reading other comments i can tell this game has a lot of problems so i would recommend to find another game to play


gotta download it from your browser

wait how can you do that


it says it can't read build property


oyunu indirdim ama oyunu oynayamıyorum oyunum hep çöküyor


i cant downluod

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This is my house:

Oh, that is the game at the base of this one sorry


bad, i can't start it




Masterpiece in every way



I just download the game and i opened and it crashed then i need to close the window :(

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So I loaded in and thought I'd dig down and see what I might find at the bottom. Where I was brought to the endless void that can't be escaped unless you use Ctrl+Alt+Del. The game at least needs a pause function/menu screen.


I m stuck on Generating world screen lmao


just keeps me on the generating screen...


Literally had to wait for my pc to say "terrain generator is not responding, would you like to close the program or wait for it to respond"

Same bro

Jesus Christ this is worse than I thought

Noise game


why you play this shit then if it has bugs


its not supposed to be an actual game

that a damn fuck reply, slogotroper!




I looks cool but it crashes :(

game just crashes and i even uninstalled and reinstalled it still just crashes

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Yo i have windows 10 pro but when i try to open the game and it says Windows Protected your PC

i was stupid cuz i didnt knew that if i press on More Info it says Run Anyway

cool im stuck on generating world

the windows protected your pc always happens lol

windows has made you sad.


windows 10 is trash

If you press continue than run anyways than you can still play it

i cannot even download it lol


shut up

ok sorry have this instead





Water cant Go in Caves Can you fix That

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water can go



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fine it worked on me (666)

A Rick Roll in 2021, now that's classic.

Is this open source 

i hope it is, beacause if yes, someone may change it into actual game

I fell in the void. There is no way to get out...

why the heck did you dig to the void?


i have a 11 year old laptop and it runs in 50 FPS LOL

then it's very well optimized, and that's pretty good for my pc in that case


nice that seems like good fps


thats illeagal


its not dumbass





I've got a windows 10 64-bit not even 1-year-old laptop and I can't run this game.



I can go till generating world and after that, everything  becomes black and I can only see a small white circle

if you want to actually want to play it you must right click the folder and press extract, and you open the extracted folder and you click the file usually the title of the game and you click it , and your computer asks if you want to launch it. hope this was helpful 

mine just doesen't allow for it to be run, but if i click more info it then allows me to play it

My computer can't run this


bruh a potato computer like mine can. Maybe your computer is pretty old like 15 years old.

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It's potato, but it's not that old


Are you ok with sharing the source code for the game? at least the procedural generation would help, thanks!

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Your supposed to exctract all from the zip file so it can become an app or a .exe file then u can play the game

you know what source code means ? The .exe file is the compiled binary file. 


sorry wrong reply

Wont even let me download XD

me too

print ("hello world")


omg.. i got so rickrolled cmon

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