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I am stuck on Level 9. I have a solution that would work...if the target was one to the right. Anyone have a solution for Level Nine? I have completed literally every other level.


Sam Hogan uhhh can you fix the glitch in mobile because the controllers are missing or invisible i can play it but its hard if i cant see the controller

This reminds me of blobble on abcya

Can anyone make an extension or a bookmarklet to like add an editor? Or a sandbox or something? And a saving system?

Cool thing I made on level 15:

Compact version:


I found a bug where when a mover going up tries to push a mover going right the output is not always consistent which made some of the levels a bit confusing

I cant figure out #9

All the rest I've done Love the game!

If you can do things right, then you can beat this game.

I don't think I did this right

Ps: Try it yourself


This is a very nice down push block gun you can build in stage 13:

The right push blocks push the gun across the screen. The down push block is blocked by the slide block. The generator block copies and shoots the down block.

Enough explaining, Networth signing off.


Sanbox would be cool


Yeah definitly, sounds like a fantastic idea

you couldplace you own blocks and stuff :)

really good

please make an android version this game is amazing

 unity can run on android.

this was TOUGH but i like it a lot


theres no sandbox :(





Nice! would be cool if it had a sandbox mode but still a really good game!

There’s a bug where if you take steps individually, you cant restart.


theres no sandbox! πŸ˜₯


This is really awesome and kept me engaged with the puzzle solving. Even after watching the video, I was still stumped. I think a lot of people are going to ask for a sandbox version in the future, but for now this is great!


Amazing game, with a sandbox mode I believe it might even be Turing complete(?) Very few glitches for a jam game, most noticeable one for me is movers jumping multiple blocks when in a line, not sure if this is intentional or not.


Level 15 is very good level to make your amalgamation flying machines. here is a nice and basic one:

Huh you got the same solution as me!


Could use a level builder or sandbox so i can make my own satisfying machines


yeah he should add that



This absolutely needs a sandbox. Great puzzle game!


Could use a sandbox


Could use a sandbox. But it is so smooth and satisfying! I like it!

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commercial game when

and also this level is amazing


i would like a sandbox mode


yeah my favourite part is when you just mess around to watch chaos unfold


I made one at
and have a discord about it at

I cant get level 11

and my result to level 15 is


Tip: you can move the gray blocks in the editor


Great game! I can't beat level 11 though. The game has a great concept, and would benefit greatly from a sandbox mode!


oh on level 11 you can move inmoble block, that may be a glitch

I couldn't please help me :)

heres how i did it


Very nice but very short, but still a proof of concept

-19/10 would recommend to my friends

(don't have any)



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I really love this game!

Im really bad at puzzel games but this game was fun.    I wish there were more levels or a level where you can make a level.

Great Job!

thats a fun one to get stuck on

Here :D

It's Really Easy, Try it out a bit more!

here is how you beat level 8

I loved this game! Kind of reminded me of Pony Island.

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So I played the web version instead; it's not bad! When the tutorials disappeared, I kinda just quit. But it's good! My favorite part is when the blocks burst open! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Also Sam, could you please tell me why Windows Defender comes in when I launch one of your games? Because it did the same thing for Grey Box Testing like a month ago. I can't even play Cell Machine file edition because Windows Defender is SOOOOO desperate to protect my PC. πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•


Uhmmm It's because windows doesn't know what developer this is from - the game isn't from the windows store or any other registered game store (origin etc.).  I can tell that Sam's games are the first ones you downloaded from here :)

why did you quit? it took me only about 15 min or less to beat the game... its really fun!

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i was just testing another new game

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Windows SmartScreen and Windows Defender keep throwing me with notifications saying "Windows protected your PC" soo, yeah, virus.


Uhmmm It's because windows doesn't know what developer this is from - the game isn't from the windows store or any other registered game store (origin etc.).  I swear that this isn't a virus. If you don't want to download the files you can always play web :)


It's not a virus big brain

just click more info and then run anyways

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that's what I did, buuuut it just force stopped the program

Amazing game! A really wholesome experience. With nice puzzle mechanics and an interesting look.



-ur mod

"-ur admin" u ment

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Awesome but a little difficult to think in that way, unless that's just because I'm me.

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