Cell Machine

Arrange cells. Build machines. Destroy enemies.

Each cell on its own has a simple function, like moving or spawning other cells. But when combined, more interesting behavior emerges...

Made for the GMTK Game Jam 2020 with the theme "Out of Control". In the game, you only set the initial conditions on the grid of cells. After pressing play, you can no longer control anything. Instead, a simulation unfolds, with each cell behaving based on its own set of rules..

The game is based on cellular automata like Conway's Game of Life. Atoms, molecules, cells - do they behave deterministically? And if they do, does combining them together change that?

Also the cell based machines you make in this game can grow exponentially, literally becoming out of control.



Rearrange cells in the build area. The goal is for them to interact in a way that results in an enemy cell being hit. Press the play button to run the simulation. Press the step button to execute one generation of the sim. Press the restart button to enable editing again.


Mover - moves in the pointed direction

Push - can be pushed in any direction

Slider - can be pushed only in one direction

Rotator - rotates adjacent cells 90 degrees each generation

Generator - Duplicates the cell behind it each generation

Immobile - Does not move in any direction, but can be duplicated by a generator

Enemy - Overlap any cell with the enemy to kill it


Cell Machine v0.1.1 (Windows) 20 MB


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Somehow this game is funny! The mechanics are fun and easy to use and for some reason its funny when i find out how it works and what it does. Plays great! really a fun little game! Always amazed where some people come up with! No idea what fantastic feedback i can make no how to make the game better really, maybe a way to skip a puzzle if you get stuck since it does get hard(er) towards the end and not knowing how to solve can be frustrating. But no idea if its an idea to have like a hint or skip system… If you have the time i would love to hear what you think about my puzzle game: https://guldor.itch.io/citybuilder


I think a sandbox mode and more levels would be fun.


Really fun game that gets you thinking! Will there ever be any more lvls added? :)

I finished it!



Can you make a mobile version of this I really like it

how u do level 13

it so HARD


Try This

If you use this setup, it will fill almost the entire screen.

i love the game i beet the hole game

(1 edit)

how do you do level 17


zim quadery it is on phone

Great game. Hoping to play  it on phone .📱

Umm what?


My Brain aches..


really good!

ad in a sandbox and it would be perfect!

I can’t download this game for some reason although I have an account

this makes me go NO

Show post...

then play it in browser

thats what i do

I like your videos


dang that was hard it took me over an hour to beat

(2 edits) (-3)

If nobody gives me a link to the Sandbox mod, I will literally raid the comment section asking for Sandbox to be added!

Edit: NVM found it, scroll down to SuperSonic136's Video and the link is in the description

here https://mega.nz/file/ZEUiXIzJ#xhuACcfFcwWqZIF0eSKB1JUn9CrNQpfMFFR68BJN1As

doesn't work *sigh*

I finished all the levels, including level 11(if anyone wants a hint, I have one)

me for 13

and the first non tutorial on

before you ask about sandbox mode, please for the love of god. there is a mod on cell machine which adds a huge gameboard with a lot of cells for you to use. shut up you underage kids

mabye people would stop  asking if you gave us a link

does it work on a browser???

How did you make that retro like effect in unity?

you know there is such thing as a tutorial


please add a sandbox mode so people can make there own things

there is one



(1 edit)

thank me later



pls make more levels


What a gameplay. Creatively made.

Sandbox mode bro

there is one


WK2311 where

Sandbox mode

there is one

lvl 7

Level 7






plz sandbox mode!



Add a sandbox mode! 

guys i need help with level 7

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