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Siege Physics is a sandbox puzzle game set in the middle ages. Use available resources to build siege engines capable of transporting the ragdoll foot solider to his goal. Or just crush him with stone balls.

This is an alpha demo to showcase the game's mechanics.

Find a bug or have a suggestion? Join the discord! https://discord.gg/7w48k3m


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Siege Physics v0.6.0.1ap.zip 33 MB


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i need no price LOL

This reminds me of old browser PC games like Happy Wheels, in a good way.

I need this but I only have a phone... Make it on phone please

ill work on it

you are not the creator 

so whats ur point

sorry but the game will never be for mobile/phone/android or ios


make it for pc please


There's a download button.

*phew*. i've told everyone in this comment section that you can play the game on mac and linux. (also freebsd/openbsd/solaris, if you use them) you just need to download wine.

make for tablet!


make it for mac plz


Wine (Wine Is Not an Emulator) allows you to run windows programs on Mac OS X and Linux. Click here to go to the Wine website.










mac and cheese

I ate mac and cheese for lunch

wine wine wine WINE

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Nice. Just how do you do level 10?

Edit: I did it!

(1 edit)

How do you do it? can you send a picture please? nvm I did it

please tell me how to do it please!!!

A bit too complex to show. sorry

Gonna look great trying the game.



i like dis channel

Found a Bug hope you can fix It 

That's... That's not how it works...

Upload it to YouTube or any other video streaming website, and then send the link. You can't just send the file directory on your Computer.

seriously, in the desc it literally says "have a bug or a suggestion? join the discord" (sorry for being a bit rude)


can u pls include a mac download plz me not on windows and i really want to play this :c

same I want Mac download plz

wine you can download here

use Wine


i wanna play on browser. It wont let me play...



u stupid

Maybe you should help instead of insulting. By the way you aren't looking much better jerk.


download the game you lazy as

Maybe they can't, jerk.

In level 3, is the ball suposed to fall truh the wood? And how is Level 13 to be solved? just ignered the rock and made a catapult


mac mac mac mac mac mac macintosh NOW


dont be rude,  and you can play the game on mac with wine.


way to play the game


neat game, I look forward to a full release

is it 32 bit?


Can you make this, play in browser, because when I download it it prevents me from playing.

I have played and completed this alpha demo and waiting for full version

How did you beat level 14

Mobile catapult.




i can convert this game into android


then you would be copying sam

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I really liked the idea,  sorry but the environment graphics are so poor and it started to look like angry pigs copy :( Anyway you should add better tutorial and some soft physics. The UI is simple and clear. I wish you good luck ;) Support for other platforms will be appreciated.


This is free and in early alpha, your expectations shouldn't be too high. This is more trying to prove that the game idea is fun and can be reworked into a more polished version of itself.


Plsssss make it android plss😢😢😟😟 


i cant beat fucking level 11

Make a catapult and a small ramp to let the ball roll down and fire the catapult

how do i do this              im on a guest accout please help Thank you


i have some bugs on windows 7


report them on discord then

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hey ! do yo plan on making a linux, mac or even a web version ? the game mechanics are also suited for a mobile game. good luck : )


Could you make a mac version please?

you can run windows apps on mac using wine.


I'm on mobile and I don't know how to use the zip pls someone tell me

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Sorry, I am not sure how to open the game on Mobile. D:
I will Try to figure it out: So Far I have figured out how to Download it I don't know how to open it :(


Sorry, It Is PC Only.



Sorry, It Is PC Only.



It's for Windows only, sorry to have to break the news to you

i watched your video and decided to play this game, wasn't too bad, i'd love to play around with the walking ragdolls. maybe those could be a part of another (probably 3d) game where you have units who have to break down walls? maybe with extra units with say bows and arrows trying to defeat your units? totally accurate battle simulator style, because i love destroying things, and i love tabs/ragdolls.

I really enjoyed this game, it had some simple but challenging levels I had fun solving. I see that sandbox is coming soon, and I'm excited for that. Will sandbox mode include a terrain editor?

how do you go in the game?


Yo i know the guy who made this And im testing it for him




This game REALLY needs a sandbox mode. I want to be able to play it without having just a few specific ways to solve each level. I'm currently stuck on level 13, and I'm literally starting to think that its genuinely impossible to solve. I just need a break from actual levels.


It's coming!

please make it Linux accessible

And mac!

use wine.

use wine `sudo apt install wine` on ubuntu/debian or `sudo yum install wine` on centos/redhat/fedora to install wine and then run the game using `wine <path to game>.exe`

Level 13 I recommend using the boulder to create a swing that pushes your cart forwards

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