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Hey guys, It's QuandaleDingle's cousin QuandalePringle. Today I played this game called "Cell Machine." It was so turdy! I loved it! HEHEHEHEHAR! Yes. Bye.



hi cousin

I couldn't pass all the levels, but the game is made very well (liked even random-generated music)


Guys watch this its really funny 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

Whatsupppp BOIS






Rickroll: No. Funny: YES

help me on level 8 pls


Help on level 11

The complicated way...

(1 edit)
Mover Generator

help me beat level 9 plz?

just copy this

how to beat level 10: put to generators together

long version

I can easily beat every level, could you make more levels/ Add a free sandbox?

If you want a sandbox, you can download Mystic Mod. Or just buy it, if you don't have Discord.,

if you are on windows the click the link 

I am on chromebook, but i can see the link, that means i can click the link

How about mobile?

help I'm stuck on level 7

level 7

Me too

My solution to level 15



Can Sam make a sandbox version of this?


I'd love that

Download the Mystic Mod+

it's somehow tablet compatible


Crazy Way Of Doing This:

Last level is EZ

 did u get it on 1st try?


i kinda just randomly did it

makes a mess

this is so funny LOLOLOL

(3 edits) (+1)

the lvl 11 seemed super hard compared to every other level

Nice game :D

Edit : OH HECK I CAN MOVE THESE 2 GRAY BOXES!! [had to watch a solution just to understand that]

Finished every other level without knowing that :'D

finished the whole game except 11, reading your comment saved me :O

level 16 is EZ

in this level my mover went backwards

So, the generator was making movers, right?

So, then there was an enemy when the mover hit the enemy it didn't destroy it then it kept generating and then the mover pushing the generator went backwards.




I finished the game

well it still hasn't ended

sry i can't watch it cuz the connection on it ain't secure

this somehow works on level 16

I want this game for apple mobile.

Wonder if there is a secret ending.SECRET ENDING plz

me 2



Sam Hogan makes really good games. MAKE MORE


a very long version of how to beat this level

i did that to do the glitch

why does this work lvl,15

Lol! seemingly random movements but then the whole board gets filled


Completed all but with help of comments...

Level 15 is insane

This is a different type

that my strategy

1 Device-Player Game


april fools dude

Dumb message alert.


(1 edit)

but how on windows. how could  it say that.

april fools dude

It's a really enjoyable game it made my mind think

(1 edit) (+1)

Lets be real, Mystic Mod should has been an update

this is a pretty cool game. i saw you making it on a video

link for mystic mod (free!)

It asked me to leave youtube

Also why do it on discord when you can do it on another board like reddit or youtube

how to beat level 15

just did level 11 with no block

People, He hasn't posted in a year.  please stop the suggestions. Just use the Mystic Mod.

Has'nt posted WHO? Sam hogan?

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