A game where exploiting bugs is the only way to progress.

So you found out you live in a simulation? At least you have this cool new job finding bugs in reality! Don't think like a player, think like a tester.


  • WASD - move
  • E or P - pause game (seriously, keep this in mind)
  • Space - Jump
  • Click on red cubes to pick them up

This was made in 3 days for WOWIE Jam 2.0

Download the PC version for a slightly better experience



Download 35 MB


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I can't play because my internet sucks i'm lucky enough

to be here  i watch him make every game he has made on youtube

i fell out of the world

also 10/10 for grafics I think I spellelt that wrong 10/10 for the narator voice and 10/10 for the WHOLE GAME!

I love this game I dont know but it will be cool if you did a Grey-Box Testing2 idk if you will but I would defintly play it.

pretty fun game. 10/10

did you know that you can bring all the cubes to the end

i did it just now

I got 3 of them lmao took way too long


sry but -1/10 u can fullscreen

give criticism instead of "uhhh -1/10 because u can full screen"

Def a great game, 10/10

good game

I had fun playing this game especially the glitch when i jump on and pick up the block


i actually glitched to the floor and went to the void, had to restart the level to come back lmao. don't know how but i did. XD

(2 edits)

i found a gold cube.

Where ?

Outside the map.

rather interesting. you want to see the best glitch in here?

well here it is

it is a screencastify video because that was the easiest requires captcha

me i am not a robot

my profile are you sure about that.


cant believe it only a short game :[

same :(

it has secret ending tho so when you beat it, it's not fully beaten


what is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


help i'm under map

the game is ment to brak

Really cool game


That was awesome! Thank you sir

Ok. It is one of the best games I have ever played. I love how you need to use bugs to win instead of it being a normal puzzle game.  I also like how there seem to be some unintentional bugs in the game that are just flat-out funny. I love the narrator guy too. All in all one of the best games on Such a great game

i gliched throw a wall your not supposed to glitch throw and I fell out of the map

i swear to god i made it to the end with all four boxes, i just couldn't screenshoted it

i made it with the secret gold cube and the other four


Go down if Sam hogen

The game is rigged with resetting settings please fix your game

I don’t want anyone else to suffer what I suffering through

this was EPIC

So When I got To A Part A Box Wen't Out Of The Map LOL

The game seems very good to me and they are moderately easy and fun puzzles but I have 2 complaints, the camera is uncontrollable which ruins the gameplay a bit and although it sounds ridiculous I found errors that seem unintentional, such as the red box disappearing but not counting this it's a very good game 7/10


Camera jerks around so much the game is unplayable.

use the lowest sensivity


I found a Glitch that I don't think he ment to put in, If you have a box in your hand and you pause, then move into another room and then unpause, the box teleports to you.

thats pause glitching its literally used in like 5% of the game

i use it 100% of the game

i used it 0% of the game

its intentional

oh yeah that is unintentional, i made it with all 5 boxes using that method

that's an unintentional use of it, it is meant to exist though


So cool! I love your YouTube channel!

imagine if it publishes it into gamebanana and it updates it it would say: Addition: More bugs

bro you stole this comment on youtube

its literally the first comment and it was from a year ago.
bruh moment

bixa kk

I did a yellow platform clip somewhere and fell into the void

So I found a softlock
In the room with 3 buttons if you take the cube to open the door, then pause and walk into the room with 3 buttons then un pause you're locked in

that is the meaning of the game

whatyou said

So press reset button on pause menu.

I forgor that existed

I used the pause glitch for most of the game and brang 2 boxes to the end with me.

noob I brought 3

How u bring more than 2 with u? there is a part were u have to clip through yellow boxes

I did 4  :)


How the heck did u

lol I just pushed the cubes with the yellow things and abused the paused state

the boxes wil clip through if theyre there



only 2? i brought all 5!

i like how it just doesnt lag


dude no need for the scare with the glitch


managed to beat it with every box

this took way to much time

damn how'd you get the first 2 boxes through the assisted clipping part I couldn't do it

Same :|

how'd you get the gold box bruh


very cool! My only complaint is that the hints make the solution a bit too easy ^^ but the narration is so cool!

lol didnt even use E or P to finish the gam

but how let me guess you used esc key ?

It's refreshing to be motivated to find bugs for a change!! The game has such a good concept and I hoped I would not see the end of it so soon. 

The narration is amazing, I enjoyed every voiceline ^^

If you are looking for a quick, fun game, look no further.

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