A game where exploiting bugs is the only way to progress.

So you found out you live in a simulation? At least you have this cool new job finding bugs in reality! Don't think like a player, think like a tester.


  • WASD - move
  • E or P - pause game (seriously, keep this in mind)
  • Space - Jump
  • Click on red cubes to pick them up

This was made in 3 days for WOWIE Jam 2.0

Download the PC version for a slightly better experience



Download 35 MB


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should be a full game tbh it'd be fun



It's weird to have fun exploiting glitches!

This is hard but nice


Nice game, I dont think the end is the really end but i liked it. Good job.


all 4 boxys


You don't actually need the pause glitch in the first section where you use it. You can just take another box and put it on the other button.

i wonder if you can do this on mac :3

Level four has a bug..


I really hope thats a joke

THIS game is not WORKING

speed run in 1:42


ayyyyy 4 boxes


i got cubey

Very fun game,i also tried to play it on my phone,i could only look around,because it was made for the pc,but on the pc it's great.

I want cubey 1 Back dut the wwwwwwaiiiiiiiiiiit

Amazing game, had so much fun playing it!

Had some nice conversation (arguments) with the other program (narrator guy) ;)

nice game and a cool concept!

i took on myself the job of completing the game with all of the cubes :)

oh got damit someone already beat me to it

hahahahhahaahahahahaa foool for i am more powerful than you

ngl This is a great puzzle game that makes you think out of the box... XD


too many bugs 2/10


thats the point of the game lol


thats the joke dumbas


That's the point of the joke lol


this is genius!

theres a glitch (,how ironic) in the game where you can take at least 1 cube at all times so theres a bit more fun at the end i just kept box-jumping.

really cool idea kinda feels like super hot and obviously portal 


I got to end with 3 cubes sam please update it or make a sequal

Hi! Your game is really good short but it delivered some laughs and i also recorded it here i credit you on the video too ^^ 

why is this so fun to speedrun


How many of you completed game with 4 cubes at the end?

I got it too.  It took me a while to figure out how to do it.

i did it too

Pretty straightforward, using mainly a technique that the game does teach you at the end. I wasn't serene about the first room with the yellow blocks aha

i thoght i was the first to do that...

you beat me to it by 4 days

idk why but I'm addicted to this game

I am always moving to the left and I can't stop it hmmm

(1 edit)

i cant hear anything



Here's an actual bug, if you throw the cube in the first level up there, you are completely stuck with no way up.

Also I finished the game to the last puzzle with like 4 cubes and I brought 2 cubes to the end-screen and I was jumping around. I was really hoping there was a secret there, but guess not. Awesome game nonetheless, the commentary and the story was great. I wish this was an actual proper game

I think I found an actual bug, because now I'm stuck in the void.

Ditto. On the sectioned off level moving platforms. I glitched through the wall and ended up in the void


lol i may have found an extra exploit, I got to the end with all 4 cubes that are in the map


Sam, can you plz make a mac download?


yeah good gam


am i supposed to fall through the floor?


best part was when i strafe jumped past a puzzle


So I found a few glitches you might need to fix up. First of all you have a wall with no hit boxes (whats up with that!).

You can constantly jump the cubes without ever going down. This is super game breaking and just destroys the fun in the game when you want to play it legit.

You get pushed threw walls when an object slides into you, this left me in an area I didn't want to be in, hence having to restart level.

You can pause the game and walk through doors that should be closed because its no longer activated. (Come on how hard is it to check this stuff).

This game is a game full of bugs (which can be quite annoying at times and just outright game breaking) but overall it's a solid attempt at a game.


3/10 at least it runs.


13 Donuts / 3 Shots of tequila


LMAO That's the point - the game jam topic was intentional bugs






got wooshed lulw


LMAO That's the joke


its meant to have these bugs, did you watch the youtube video he made about it? the bugs are intentional


It's a joke comment.


that is the point my dude it is imposible to beat without those and the video title for the game is intentional bugs, notice how the screen glitches when you preform one of these glitches? that means it is intentional otherwise it would act like normal during those times

r/woosh its a joke comment lmao

sped run 2:43

i got one in 1:5

 preety easy

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