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got it

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I tried to get the WR but then...

Let's speedrun the game in "all cubes" category  

How do you glich the second box through the wall?


Let one of the box being pushed through the wall and grab the second one, when you glitch through the wall you will see the box that you don't old next to you but the box you holded disappear, this box is still behind the wall but you still hold it, so walk some distance aways from the wall and the cube should pop in your hand.


Another way I've found is to stack the boxes in the corner - box jumping up and dropping them works for me - and let them be crushed once to have them align. Then, stand next to the stack so that the moving block will push you first.


i need the sequel


I really wanted to play this game. It looks awesome, but I could barely make it out of the first room and the box button room was impossible as there seems to be no way to adjust mouse sensitivity. I tried adjusting it in windows settings, but this only affected the menu mouse speed, not the look speed in game. Maybe add buttons to adjust the look sensitivity speed up or down. Please? At current setting barely tapping my mouse causes the screen to spin in several circles. I tried to play this way by just tapping it barely and waiting for it to settle and see if it looked where I needed it to, but like I said, impossible to actually play that way.

Same for me in fullscreen mode. Not in fullscreen mode, though, worked fine

I knew what I was doing because I watched his YT video on the game before playing, but I 100% wouldn't have known what to do otherwise.

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I'ts a cool game but I soft locked myself a lot because of actual glitches. like falling out of the world and accidentally getting the cube trough the door ;D


The assisted wall clip glitch wasn't consistent. It was a bit disappointing to try it in other levels and have it not work.

Other than that, really enjoyed this one. The voice lines and story were spot on. Keep it up. :)

The wall glitch was for a specific level(s), as is every other intentional glitch, so there's no need to be disappointed as if every level had that glitch then some levels would be broken, like imagine falling out of the world via wall cliping.

If the glitch is limited to one level it feels authored. The levels should be designed in a way to take the wall clipping glitch into account.

Well you're making sense, but that would mean a whole game re-design..

did the narrator mention something about a steam release at the end there? i didn't catch that

Haha sorta. I just referenced the game called "Will You Snail?" by Jonas Tyroller. He hosted the game jam this was made for

oh, yeah i know about his game, but what about a steam release for this game then? this is so underrated


Not currently working on a full version of this game but I think I will at some point

I jost trowed the cube in the other part of the door in the starting of the game and now I can't continue, lol

You can restart the level in the pause menu!


LOL 4 cube ending!!! Including first 2 cubes!!

I got it too! :D

same here!

my glitch abuse broke the game... i cant look around properly so now i have to restart again...

I go the 4 block ending too sad i couldn't take a picture fast enough


me too


I got softlocked



you win

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I was actually about to get the same ending but one of the cubes got stuck in the last doorframe and I was lazy lol


Multicube end

3 cubes?!?! how...


i got to the ending with a cube (this is actually the first cube, i just took it through the whole game)



I did this too! I kept my companion cube with me the whole way.


You have only 2 options.

1. Continue this incredible game and make a good ending.

2. The community will do it.


It's been a lot of time since i've just had that much fun in a game... WELLLLLLLLLLLLDONNNE!!!!

The sensitivity is too hig

You can change it now.

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Cool game and concept. I wish I could change look sensitivity though (it's really high).

...more levels please? ^v^

EDIT: Downloaded version is really smooth and tight controls. Also sensitivity is much better.


It's amazing!


it crashed, is that an intentional bug?

Not intentional, lol. Does it not load at all or does it crash at some point in the game?


love it, also love how it helps u if u get stuck


Very fun


It's great, but I feel like I missed a secret ending!

Clip out of bounds holding a cube (if you are having trouble with getting the cube pause and unpause, it works like a charm), then box jump to the dummy room

not gonna lie this was lit, i played at 3AM so it was  a little scary but like i wouldnt be surpised if this won the game jam :) keep it up :)

This game blew me away, It was just amazing. Keep up the great work.

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You can change it in the new version of the game.

Thats really a nice Game Idea ! It might be short but it makes fun 

love me some breaking through walls and atmospheric voice announcers! (GBT starts at 6:30)

How do u get past the level with the two doors and two buttons

pause and mov


you can walk while the game is paused

Well Duh.

what, i was saying that for people that cant figure out

i love it

not too hard

not too easy

makes you think a bit

good ending

love the voice

have a sequel?


In-game tutorial please! Also, give some hint to invisible walls; Searching for them is not fun...


Thats the whole point other wise it would be too easy

But this turns it from a game to tedious work that that feels like the job that you are slacking off of to play this game.

you just got to think about the glitches you find in games all the time, the most common, he knows which ones are terrible since he sometimes does give you hints on them, but the invisible walls i got pretty easily.

P.S im not degrading you i promise, just saying in case there is another game like this


But it is a bit tedious searching every wall... Still an awesome game never the less!

Also, can you see the current rating for your game bfore rating ends?


Then don't play the game


I kind of agree. It is one of the most well known glitches, and pretty easy to find. But, he could have inverted the pattern or something.

LOL dude take your time or you can just not play at all? its not fun in the games like 5 mins but they spent like 7 days working on it?


a cool, quirky game that was pretty quick to play.

good job!

Great idea but the frame rate is unplayably low - about 5 FPS on a GTX 1060.

Ah man, I'll look into that. Thanks for letting me know

played in the web browser and I'm using a GTX 970 and had no issues, just for a reference point

I played on mobile i had like 10 fps

I also played in the browser and I had a similar FPS problem.  I'm using an HP chromebook

Check your internet. I'm using chromebook and I had no issues.

not for me i got like 100 fps with a bad pc lol its u

Try running it at 640x480.

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It is incredibly cool. I love the concept.

Thank you!

Deleted 2 years ago

It's totally safe, I promise! I believe that's just a chrome security measure, because not many people have downloaded the file. I'll look into how to prevent that warning


amasing game. are you going to add on to it or make more like it. also loved your voice acting. :D

Thank you! I'm considering turning it into a full game


that happens with all itch games. if its made with unity then your fine if not then check.

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