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damnn this was really creative

Man this was good, I felt like an actual speedrunner trying to figure it out quickly! Maybe for part two (if you'll ever make it) some b-hopping or backward b-hopping wall-break? Eh, who am I to say, I'm just an algorithm anyway.

You needa make a part two or a 2nd game. THIS IS SICK!

I think I saw a game like this in roblox.. The roblox creator must've been inspired

depends when was the game of roblox made because this was made 2 years ago


Sam Hogan Must've Died bc he hasnt been on youtube for abt a year

for real bro

just... just... STOP.

laggy = hard to play


This game has SO MANY bugs and gitches

The theme was intentional bugs.

Wow, the intentional bugs are so funny. I now can hover...

It's not a bug

Nice !

Fun game!


I was able to get all four blocks to the end room. It was really fun

Awesome game!  I love portal so this was a really fun game to play.  I watch your YouTube videos, and when I clicked on this game I was pleasantly surprised to see that you made this too.  Great job!

that voice is so friendly! i love it!

my game keeps switching between this image and another one. lol

This is the first game on my memory using mechanics like this. ty


I got huge Portal vibes from this. Overall I thought it was a great quick play! Game about intentional bugs? Sign me up


if you press pause you can still move



I heard something about a secret ending, is this a real thing?



I found a LOT of unintentional bugs in this game about intentional bugs.

me too, i got pushed out of the map completely by one of those yellow moving things

I did the same thing but I brought a box with me



I speedran the game in 5:50 WITH all the cubes

bro i tried to use the yellow thing to go through the wall. at first i thought i completed the level. then found out that the glitch was not intentional

how to pass level 6? 

just for fun i put here music lol


well i found real bug :) , i just fell from the map .falling in the dark while i was trying to break into the wall of the parkour room

I ended with 3 boxes at the end, and if you didnt make this "supported clipping" or something then i would have 4



if you want to watch me play it with the box click here

by the way it has no sound and ill put one on with sound later today

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I had four at the end.  You can take both boxes with you on the yellow box clip by having one in front of you, and one held above it in hand and letting the yellow block hit you and the two boxes through.

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i managed to beat the game bringing all 4 boxes with me
TIP: push around boxes while the game is paused

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hey sam, I finished the game with a box in my hand,and I box-glitched into the "THE END" sign and waited untill the end of the game.I thought that might work(I was looking for secrets,please can you hide  one in the room,and make a sign that says"there is a secret in this room for people that brought boxes"?).

btw this is the cool comment

Deleted 34 days ago

I found an unintentional bug...

In the part where you have to jump through 3 platforms that move, you can go onto the ramp below in the path of the 1st moving platform you can hold W while in the path of the 1st moving platform and then it will clip you out.

Is this a new bug?

I found that one.  I think maybe with skill you can take a box with you (I did), but the skilled part would be getting it under you so you can fly around outside the map.

i found that one aswell

This game has a really cool concept and it makes me want more.


what is there was a well used bug that actually wasn't





OR ME OK? SO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! sus   -Ward boy

.... more yey

no spam yes commet or reply rules one of it

Sooooo Ok more as more ....

Is there a secret endings?


where is it?

it's "just a bug"


im you


then you should report that Sam's game is Bugged

But it feels intentional

there is secret


I would like to try that

btw  click on my link here to go to my cool comment

Really Enjoyed this game! Would love to see this extended/more like this :)

i got out of the map 💀


I've discovered a bug that wasn't part of the game lol. Got stuck in the button room but somehow managed to put both cubes into the other room


I ended the game with all 4 of the cubes


I Only got 2 to the end :


And I Got 3.... :(






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