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How do I play without installing?

whenever i place a leaf block on the ground it turns into grass. idk if thats intentional

help me


Deleted 12 days ago

i cant

Free minecraft :,V


 At least it’s better than the first ever version of Minecraft only ever displayed only as a now unlisted YouTube video. Click here to see an archived version.


I'v fell thru the ground in ten seconds 3 TIMES 


it made my mouse move so so so very so so slow


I played this Minecraft game along a few others in my video!!!


Plz android minecraft

Try minetest its for windows and android!


very cool game you know


kinda tho


cool game


this game is seems be soooooooooooooooooooooo hard


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Cool dude i like the game and also is surprising that you make the whole
thing one day


update this 

add bedrock


fuck you man


Guys, I think I fell out of the world Why it doesn’t teleport me to the top?



make it for chrome dell





Make it for mac!


For some reason the mesh isn't working... And you can clip through blocks if you left click if you place a block on the ground beneath your feet.

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Am so sad that I can't launch that app :(


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am a mac user using crossover to play :(

if you don't know the publisher posted a video on this in youtube


wird dont look real like normal minecraft it is look fake

umm, because it was made in 1 day. Minecraft took like 2 years to look good. be grateful that this channel even exists

Thank you for the common sense CL0UDY, no sarcsasticism intended


what is sarcsasticism



Ummm. In my opinion the original version of Minecraft actually looks better than the newest one oddly enough… It was only ever shown off as a now unlisted YouTube video. You can watch an archived version by clicking this BTW.


literally all you can do is mine and place

it was made in one day lol

How do you play the game? I can't get any further than downloading it


you need to extract the .zip file and open the exe file,which is the game(hope this helped


It says I need a windows computer, and I don't have one :( Thanks anyway :)


mabye you downloaded the windows version?

theres only a windows version


Ah minecraft

yes minecraft


Could you make this avalable on linux?

you could use wine

How do you exit the game? I couldn't leave the game.


just  click the windows button on your keyboard

press alt+f4


Close the game by hitting esc and then hit save and quit you will be brought to the main menu and you can hit quit game, oh wait I’m thinking of actual Minecraft Java now…


I would rate this a 99999999991119191919919191919191919191919/10.


This game has a bug where you fall through a block. Please fix. It would be helpful.

This game has some bugs with rendering.

Because of "How to make screenshot on windows 10?" unanswered, I can't show you.


Just so you know, you can screenshot on Windows 10 by clicking the Windows key and the PrtSc key at the same time.

Thank you!


You're very much welcome :)



Can I p,ay on mobile? If I can that will be the best! I'm using this on pc though, dummy!?!?!

Deleted 153 days ago

No, you can’t play it on your phone. Oh, you want to play some games? Download some of the games I made!

pay on mobile?

u can play without installing if it says play in browser

how bruh

im on a mac :

How do u play without installing

buy pc

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does a windows laptop afford less that a windows computer as much as a windows computer or more that a windows computer

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