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7.5/10 definitely needs bug fixing. I was building a house and I have fell out of the map.

what did you expect from a 24 hour game

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Great game, just like Minecraft really! Jk but in only 24 hours it was great.

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did you not see Sam Hogan's video on i


are you fucking stupid

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I just looked at all your comments.

Imagine creating an account just for the purpose of bullying people, and telling then that their jokes (Which are not jokes) are not funny.


and before you say "OOOOOOOH SALTY SALTY" YES! I am salty, because you have the balls to go on this site and bully people who have done nothing wrong to you.

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If you are depressed seek help! do not go on bullying people and making them feel bad for reasons they do not deserve to feel bad for. Please, learn to respect other people and most importantly, learn to respect yourself!!! If you truly do have depression, then I am sorry, but you cannot do this to people. they come here to play games, have fun and talk to people in the comment section who are nice. Saying "That's not a funny joke" to comment that are obviously not a joke or comments that other people may find funny is unnecessary!!! say it with me: UNNECESSARY.

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please, try to find some human decency in yourself and find another way to vent or whatever reason you bully people for. btw nobody goes out of their way to emotionally hurt you, they are literally trying to defend themselves from what you said to them


Glitch that I found (someone probably mentioned before but whatever)

You can fall through the ground by 3 steps
1. dig a 2x1 hole
2. get inside that hole and place blocks over your head
3. fill the hole with blocks, basically burying yourself alive (make sure that there isn't any space around you, below and over).

Then you should be able to fall through the ground.

Its great how that was made in 24 HOURS!


My PC is bad so it have ~0.25 fps (. I want to change render distanse. Can u send non-export proj (or add render distanse par if u arent so lazy)?

+ i want to explore your code

Link's up there ^


He makes brilliant games how is he lazy?

Dude, he made it in 24 HOURS! You can't blame him if he decided not to add render distance. He just wanted to make something similar to it. at least it's better than the horrid garbage that you can find on the internet.

.25 fps? for a game like this? wow, i have at least 30 fps and my pc is bullcrap


then your game can defeat original minecraft in some way and also add water


He would have to add a way to connect to the actual Minecraft, somehow get a bot in there and defeat the end dragon... then This clone can beat Minecraft :)

can you please add rocket and going to alien planet to this mode

Really Good For A Build 0.0.0 In 24 Hours

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i love minecraft and i love this game your beeter than what noch did at the beginning lol love the worke and i cant spell so no mean repliyes

I can't leave the game

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Click Alt-F4 To Leave


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i played and I fell out of the map when I placed a block underground

Me Too



If i tried it you couldn't even move xD


I'm pretty sure minecraft is free now, and you can just download the java version instead of buying it. Not sure tho.


No it costs $26.95


but it used to cost $59.99

Not in theory, but in practice you can play "offline". The only difference besides not having to have an account (so not having to pay) is that you can't join certain servers like Hypixel (which is a big deal for some players like me) and the scam that Realms are. Servers that allow non-premium players to join need, however, to add the AuthMe plugin that requires you to enter a server-specific passsword since anyone can login with any username otherwise. That also means that usernames are first come first serve on these servers, which can be an issue for impersonating, not to mention that hackers can just make new accounts easily.  A solution you'll usually see is custom clients that make it difficult to change mods and inject cheats. I hope I gave you a pretty decent idea of the difference between premium and "offline" ^^

offline = pirating

pirating = illegal

I don't share that opinion on the first line even tho I have Minecraft premium

thats what i think of you pirating


Just only their free demo version, you get 1 world only, and I think 100 mins that's it and all for minecraft :) 

I remember playing the PC Gamer demo for hours before actually buying the game, it was in alpha versions, lots of fun ^^ My brother actually found a bug where you could reset the timer without resetting the world, that was also fun x)

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Neat haha dang I wished I knew which bug on which version back in the day cuz i woulda just done that tbh, I'm not hating the paid version i love it so far all the updates they doing but dang if only I had back when I was just starting out testing the game back in 2016 :D


Good for a game coded in 24hour

I'm sorry, but I had to redeem myself. My momma didn't raise a quitter. I couldn't help but feel unsatisfied by the fact that my previous mansion simply disappeared into thin air. So I just decided to jump back into the game and finally finish the mansion with a little more success than last time.



There Was An Error Processing The Item
It Therefore Will Not Post,
But People Will Be Able To See This And The Processed Area

Thank You, Itch IO Dev

if you keep jumping and placing blocks you glitch through the world lol

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It's a nice fangame! Please make "I Made Minecraft in 1 Week".

Hmmm, That Is A Nice Thought

Do I Like The Idea


For those who are having trouble starting the game

1. press download          2. On the bottom left corn it should appear, wait till it finishes and drag it to desktop        3. double click it, then one folder should appear, double click it too        4.  There should be a app folder called minecraft clone, double click and then click on run.

Note this only works for windows

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really nice, there are some bugs with world generation and the shadows doesn't match with the sun but the other things are ok, maybe you can add more blocks and a better player skin.

How do i start

You Extract The Files To Any Folder Then Open Minecraft Clone.exe

how do u even start the game

You Extract The Files To Any Folder Then Open Minecraft Clone.exe

XD you can place grass blocks by breaking leave

what do u use to play the game files

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I have never seen such beauty before, this is probably the best game ever, by playing this i have ascended.

So I recently played Grey-Box Testing and I noticed that you also made a Minecraft game in 24 hours. Obviously I had to give it a try. Honestly out of all of the Minecraft ripoffs, I feel like this is one of the better ones. However just like in Grey-Box Testing, I again managed to prove my ability to break games. 

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are you going to continue? Please makea Saving option *lol

it was a joke lol he won't update it

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I hope you have more subscribers and more followers

Your channel is good!

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There is this wierd tree generation glitch. I like this as a quick, when bored of my other games exploration game. Sometimes when im bored ill take a break from real minecraft and just play this and explore as far as i can. However, idk why, this tree generation glitch drives me NUTS lol

same problem :-)

Ah yup, I know the issue

will you be able to fix it? Cause if you do, this could be a fun time waster if i can walk infinitely and not see glitches like that lol

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The mines are bad


Also water is brokenTheWater.png

I see what you mean.


Yeah... everything's bad actually


I like the game and i understand it was a little joke but this game is why people say rome wasnt built in a day


this game needs to have the ability to swim.


in minecraft 1.12.2 you can't even swim

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You can by holding the jump button.


AMAZING! (So amazing)


wow this new minecraft snapshot looks epic




Just saw this video yesterday. And damn! Nice work! Especially for 1 day...

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