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This was a really fun game to play. I really enjoyed finding all the secret glitches, and using them to solve the puzzle. Great Game!


How i play this game




I  fell into the void lol


the moving platform pushed me into the void😳😆

the moving platform just moved me 2 the next level LOLOLOL


lol i bringed a box to the end

Lol, I loved this


lol fell through the floor



I somehow managed to end up in the void during the moving platforms lmao



Me too!

me 3


me 5

me 8'



i love your videos


i love it ❤️


After finishing for the first time, I tryied my best to glitch out of the final level. What i got was got stuck in the final door with literally every block in de THE END's room.
I got nothing but it was really satisfactory.. If anyone knows about any way to get a new ending tell me and I'll try.

Very good game, it would have been something big if you continued working on it

my name is also jonas so it said my name at the end

i am going to beat the game but i bring every box i can. you cant stop me

Spacial Repositioning into the V O I D S O U L

There's an ACTUALL bug when you drop a Box on your head and it becomes See-Through



Good Game 10/10

Is the camera meant to constantly rotate?

nope, do you have a controller connected?

Nope, don't even own one.

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all the puzzles i already  knew how to solve except for the final one wich made gears turn in my head

I managed to get all the boxes in the game to the end

i tried to see if all the walls at the end had colision but sadly they did, so i brought a box to the end and to see if the roof did to but it also did :(

Protip: Pause when holding a box while It's on a Pressure Plate, Do this to every Box to have 4 Boxes, Use the last 1 box to fly around in the " End Box "

wow i just puased it and pushed it over when the door was open


Did you make it?


Owner You Should Try to port this to mobile, Ds, Wii, and psp


*sam hogan

You should know the owner.

hate to break it to you, but this game is too small for mobile, DS runs too slowly, Wii does not operate 3D games like this, and PSP is too advanced for a browser game like this. 


if you want to use a controller you can download it then recode the movements to suit controller keybinds

what about wii u?

many games run fast on a wii u

i guess, but it wont be sold because wii u discs cant be made custom anymore and the nintendo e shop does not allow credit cards anymore. nintendo is trying to kill the wii u

i mean like homebrew on wii u not discs

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i found a bug in your game

oh i wonder what it was?

all of my cubes dissapeared

"don't come back here  after 20 minutes, nothing will happen" does anything happen


you will be sent to the main menu after some time

zeszedłem grę z trzema kostkami

I didnt think of it that way, it kinda felt more of a matrix

I just went to backrooms 😯

it was fun, thank you!


extremely buggy



Lots of fun. Some puzzles a little more tricky then others. Did fall through the floor at one point and had to restart but that bad.

Literally the best game ever played

I fell through the floor like some nerd in the backrooms and all I see is void


10/10 would recommend

only bad thing: L    A   G


i found a real bug so like i paused and the box lefatetid

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that's not a bug, lol

It does that lol


Try to make a  game about the Backrooms

I have an idea

Great game! I did need some help by looking in the comments for help, but still, amazing!

Hey I'm a fan of your videos and this game is very well made and I hope you make more

bruh how do i  clip through a wall (i'm in level 5)


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